There are four women who make up MadDog & Muscles. All are over 50 or 60, experienced and ready to serve your most difficult papers. We work individually or in a group so fees may vary. Don’t hesitate to give any of us a call with any questions you might have regarding precess service. We can also assist with all your private investigative needs through MadDog, Deborah Rose and ISGU. Read below for more information on ISGU……..

Who and how to contact –

903-340-7405 for MadDog
214-803-3057 for Muscles
903-203-5546 for Brickey
972-533-8718 for Francis
972 485 4748 for Rose and ISGU


Martha Hazzard Decker

MadDog is Martha Decker and she specializes in everywhere Muscles doesn’t! This includes Kaufman, Henderson, VanZandt, Navarro and Ellis Counties. They also serve parts of Dallas and Hunt Counties. She has 20 + years of investigation experience to include, criminal, civil and journalistic. She spent over 16 years in law enforcement and retired as assistant chief of police. She even spent 10+ years as a volunteer firefighter, which includes structure fires, wildfires, and SCUBA search and recovery. She received a first place Associated Press award for specialty reporting in 1995 for an investigative article she worked in regarding a city official. Then in 2014 she became an accomplished author with the publishing of her book, Paranormal Profiling. The book is a beginner’s guide to interviewing clients and witnesses and can be applied to any interview. It was written from the perspective of a detective.


Loretta Fussell


Muscles is Loretta Fussell and she specializes in the Frisco and Plano areas, which include parts of Dallas and Collin Counties. She was a personal trainer for about 20 years and is an independent consultant with WIN which is a healthy supplement business. She is martial arts trained and can play a cool guitar.


Roxie Francis


We mustn’t forget about Roxie Francis, she covers Dallas and Collin Counties, along with a few other areas. Need your CHL license? Then Roxie can help you there as well. She has been a CHL instructor since just about the beginning of licensing


Tamra Brickey


There is Tamra Brickey, who covers the same areas as MadDog. They can be often seen together. Currently she is the mayor of a small east Texas city and served on the city council several years ago. She is a former sheriff’s deputy, worked for TDCJ and even drove a big rig.

Thanks for visiting us,

Martha & Loretta AKA – MadDog & Muscles

Loretta and Martha








Something new…….

MadDog is working with Deborah Rose and Investigative Solutions Group Unlimited (ISGU) as a private investigator. ISGU can be your go to for criminal and civil needs. Some of the services provided include –
• Process Service
• Hospital Trace Reports
• Records Retrieval
• Medical Records Services
• Insurance Fraud
• Protective Intelligence
• DNA Recovery
• Computer Forensics
• Undercover Operatives
• Integrity Shops
• Locates
• Marine Recovery
• Civil background
• Criminal background
• Employment Verification.
• Education Verification

Part of Due Process is advocating for the client’s rights. ISGU can uncover necessary facts, and assist in the defense process with a detailed Plan of Action.
• Coordinate jail release
• Locate witnesses
• Interview client and witnesses
• Obtain records
• Perform background checks
• Coordinate DNA testing
• Photograph crime scene
• Assist in court preparation
• Provide polygraph testing

“Asset” by definition is any item that is owned or used by an individual or business to add worth to or generate income. Asset Searches reveal the financial profile of an individual or business. Exploring assets can be useful not only in business but in personal affairs. Some information we expect to find during a basic asset search is:
Real Property Transaction
Judgments, Liens
Company Affiliations
Civil/Federal Filings
Criminal Records

Surveillance is often necessary for the following:
• Criminal Activity
• Civil Matters
• Business / Intellectual Property
• Attorney Support
• Insurance Fraud
• Domestic/Family Cases
Types available include –
• Personal Surveillance (shopping malls, public areas)
• Vehicle/Mobile Surveillance
• Stationary
• Covert Surveillance (“nanny-cam”)
• Night Surveillance

Phone: 972 485 4748
Fax: 972 272 1904
Email: info@isgu.com
Web: isgu.com
TX License #A08230


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